Affordable Housing

I am pleased to share with you an outline of my initiatives and work in progress for affordable housing, and I’d like to note that some of these documents are not perfect. I’m sharing these materials early in the process in the hope that you will review them and provide me with feedback that will help us to collaborate and positively shape the future of Bremerton. I anticipate making frequent updates to this webpage to share ideas and documents related to my initiatives so please check back often. I look forward to hearing from you, please call me at 360-473-5266 or email

Greg Wheeler
Mayor, City of Bremerton

Housing & Development Initiatives in Bremerton

Housing Services

Action Items:

  • Fund the City’s Weatherization and Minor Home Repair program (carried out by Kitsap Community Resources) with funding outside of CDBG Block Grant consistent with the Project Review Committee recommendation to City Council in 2017 (in development, proposal to be made as part of Mayor Wheeler’s 2019 Budget). 
  • Direct the next CDBG Consolidated Plan (2021 to 2025) to focus on Affordable Housing Citywide. The current Consolidated Plan (2016-2020) focuses on economic development in the target area of Downtown.
  • Work with Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) to seek funding for site cleanup and the creation of permanent supportive housing (in development).
  • Support Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) financially to carry out their mission to provide deeply affordable housing to Bremerton’s very low income population (in development, proposal to be made as part of Mayor Wheeler’s 2019 Budget)

Comprehensive Plan, Zoning & Development  Regulations
to Encourage the Creation of Housing

Action Items:

  • Amend MFTE program for “Bremerton Affordable.” Mayor Wheeler proposed changes for the City Council’s consideration. Amendments were proposed for consideration at a City Council public hearing on June 20, 2018
  • Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments which includes amendments to encourage the creation of more affordable housing:
    • Modification of the “Bonus Amenity” table in the Downtown Subarea Plan to link building heights with the creation of affordable housing.
    • Modification of the parking standards to incentivize the creation of affordable housing. 
  • Infill Toolkit - Report & Work Plan for the creation of infill housing. This is a plan that is currently in development, but a draft outline of the plan can be viewed here
  • Implement the City’s EPA Brownfields Grant for the revitalization of Callow Avenue and Anderson Cove. 
  • Eastside Employment Center – prepare economic analysis, community visioning and subarea plan with Planned Action EIS. The City received $270,000 from the State Legislature for this initiative is the grant document submittal process. More information will be posted to the City’s website when the grant is finalized.
  • Wheaton Way / State Route 303 Corridor Study. The City is embarking on a comprehensive study of the SR 303 (Warren/Wheaton) corridor. For more details please visit the project webpage.
  • Work with Developers to implement the new Federal Opportunity Zone designation made by Governor Inslee. 

Building Codes

Action Items:

  • Explore options for amendments to Bremerton’s Building Code to allow cross-laminated timber which will reduce the cost of construction (in development).