Economic Development

The City of Bremerton will drive Economic Development and support businesses that provide jobs for our residents by building on our assets and developing the necessary infrastructure to retain existing businesses and support new businesses. Economic development will also be supported by maintaining our livability and character as a clean, healthy, and vibrant community where one can work, play, live, shop and do business.

Bremerton is the epi-center of the Kitsap region where businesses and families thrive. With a vibrant business economy and diverse community of residents, The City has created an environment that supports business development while enhancing its quality of life. Community leaders nurture entrepreneurial spirit and foster successful partnerships. Bold economic development plans have diversified the City's employment base and strategically positioned Bremerton for the future. This makes Bremerton the right choice to start a business or raise a family. 
  1. Location
  2. Value
  3. Workforce
Access to Bremerton is easy due to navigate due to Bremerton’s location on the Kitsap Peninsula. With ferry routes serving Seattle and a main highway corridor spreading from Tacoma to the Hood Canal Bridge, getting to Bremerton is easy. The City is well-served by mass transit and ferry system, making commuting to and from work simple and convenient for employees. This allows employers to draw from a large talent pool and provides direct transportation connections for goods and services. Being surrounded by water and hiking/biking trails makes it an attractive location for outdoor enthusiasts.