Highway Safety Phase II, PSNS and 2nd St ADA Retrofit Projects

Current Project Status (Updated as of June 23, 2017) 

Massana Construction’s low bid was accepted, and the contract was awarded by City Council on April 19, 2017. The project includes the installation of several long lead time materials, such as the RRFBs. The contractor, per the contract, was given the option to suspend work until those materials are procured and has opted to do so. Therefore, work will commence late summer to early fall.   

Project Overview 

In December 2014 the City was awarded a Highway Safety Improvement Grant to construct safety improvements at 6 intersections throughout the city. Subsequent to receipt of the grant award, the project scope was revised due to redundant scope with the WSDOT ADA ramp construction on Wheaton Way. The project will construct improvements which include new ADA ramps and pedestrian signals, pavement markings and lighting at the following intersections:  

11th & Montgomery
6th & Kitsap Way
Burwell & Callow
Burwell & Montgomery
Chester & Burwell 
High & Burwell

In addition, the City will complete pedestrian improvements in the vicinity of the State Street Shipyard Pedestrian gate using funds remaining from the Burwell Tunnel Construction project.

Supporting Documentation and Photographs


Construction will commence when long lead time materials have been procured, late summer to early fall.