East Side Treatment Plant Outfall Replacement

Project Status (Updated February 11, 2019)

American Construction Co. has completed installation of the new 36” pipe and diffuser. American Construction has subcontracted the final/mitigation stage of the project to Scarsella Bros., Inc. The work is scheduled to start Monday, 2/11/19 and be completed by Friday, 2/15/19. In order to avoid trucking delays due to inclement weather, Scarsella Bros., Inc. will truck some of the habitat sand mix 2/7/19 and 2/8/19 before the snow comes. They will stockpile the sand in a few parking stalls and put some caution tape up around it.

The Mitigation work consists of spreading beach nourishment material (habitat sand mix) along the entire length of the work corridor; along the bulkhead and access ramp, for a width of 50ft waterward. 

Project Overview

The ESTP provides treatment of combined sewerage in East Bremerton during heavy rainfall events. The outfall for the plant discharges to the Port Washington Narrows immediately east of Lions Park. The existing outfall is approximately 450 feet in length and consists of 20” cast iron pipe and a 36” concrete diffuser pipe. The pipe is undersized and partially filled with gravel. A video inspection performed in 2017 indicated that sediment and rock have significantly filled the diffuser section, which reduces the hydraulic capacity of the outfall. Because of the reduced capacity, flow backs up in the outfall pipe during extreme weather events, which limits the discharge capacity of the ESTP.  

The work includes approximately 500 feet of in-water work, including 250 feet of reinforced concrete pipe installation, removal of the existing multi-port diffuser, and installation of a new single-port diffuser. Replacing only the necessary sections of the outfall saves the City a substantial amount of money compared to constructing an entirely new outfall.

Murraysmith, Inc. was selected by the City in October 2016 to design a new outfall for the facility. The new outfall will ensure proper discharge of treated combined sewer overflow events from the ESTP to the Puget Sound during heavy weather.  


The overall budget for this project is $1,775,000 including design, construction, etc.


The Bid Opening will be held on May 9, 2018. Construction is scheduled to from August 2018 to February 2019. (This section will be updated after Preconstruction Conference when more info is available.)
ESTP Outfall Alignment
ESTP Outfall Beach
ESTP Outfall Under Water